DeMooreHuis - The Moore House

Patient Mom,  Beautiful Wife,  Homemaker, Busy Babe

Big Sister,  3rd grader,  creative,  structured

Sparkly, thoughtful,  can't wait for school

baby sis, loveable, musical, animated

Pure one, "The Lord is God", in His hands, in heaven with Jesus



Dad,  Hubby, Remodeler, NET Junkie

Big Brother, initiator, tender, analytical

little brother, energetic, athletic, full of spunk, tough

Due November 11th!!!




Our Family 

  Who are they?

The Moore Family who resides at DeMooreHuis began in 1991 with the marriage of David and Sheri. After what seemed like five long years and a miscarriage, came the addition of Rosalyn (Rosie). In 1998, was the still-born birth of Katelyn (Katie). In October of 1999 after another miscarriage they were blessed with the addition of Jocelyn (Jos). With a new century, came another gender - in 2001, their elder son Timothy (Tim) was born. To keep with the trend, in late 2002 Jeffrey (Jeff) was born. Then the rules changed and the minivan met maximum capacity with the addition of Angelyn (Angie) in 2004 - one day before Tim's birthday (barely). Plan B- for one more baby - In November of 2005, Gregory (Greg) was an unexpected surprise that completed the Moore family.

Where have they been?

Around the time David and Sheri were engaged, David had plans to go into career ministry in mission aviation and had been attending Moody Bible Institute in the "Pre-Mission Aviation" program. After many bumps and closed doors, the Lord redirected them into what some might call "God's Training Program - (GTP)". Soon after their wedding in June of 1991, David and Sheri moved to Washington State where David took on a position with a computer services business and Sheri shortly worked with a local tribal business office. Both utilizing and obtaining knowledge that they would need later in "GTP". After a few years, David was invited and moved on to a local telecommunications service business. This employment allowed for the continuation of "GTP" and facilitated a transition into the next phase of "GTP" of full time career ministry with AIBI Resources. Often human plans may not be God's plans. But God may use human plans to reach His plans - especially when one is F.A.T. (Faithful, Available, Teachable)

What do they do?

Along with the transition into full time service through AIBI Resources, came many additional responsibilities and opportunities to serve their Lord Jesus Christ. Some of these opportunities include:

  • develop, maintain and program the AIBI web site ( with the Bible training resources provided by AIBI
  • correspond with and minister to web contacts including pastors, evangelists, missionaries, administrators, and lay leaders throughout the world
  • correspond with and help coordinate volunteers, translators, layout/design editors and others while they serve as part of the AIBI Resources volunteer team
  • encourage others to become part of the "team" - whether by volunteering time, knowledge, experience or financial resources
  • assist in developing local Biblical leadership teams through active involvement with the local church
  • encourage individuals as they seek to follow the Lord's direction in their own personal spiritual growth through one on one personal discipleship and ministry
  • promote AIBI Resources at various pastoral meetings, conferences, and other events
  • provide technical support for all AIBI staff as well as missionaries from other ministries
  • prepare and ship Bible training resource CDs and paperwork for distribution around the world
  • and of course "other duties as required"

Who do they serve?

The Moore household serves the Living God who sent His son Jesus Christ to earth as a human child to live a human life and yet remain totally without failure or wrongdoing. They serve this Jesus who died a cruel death for the purpose of forgiving the sinful nature and wrongdoings of David, Sheri, Rosie, Katie, Jos, Tim, Jeff, Angie, Greg- AND YOU!
If you would like to email the Moore's about your personal relationship with this Jesus, please send a note and say hello to
e m a i l (at) d e m o o r e h u i s . c o m . If you would like to learn more about what Jesus has done, take a look at these pages here.